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NEW SINGLE RELEASE! Against My Will Available Now!

Hey Addicts! It's finally done! Check out our latest single, Against My Will on the Music page!

You can stream it directly from there or click the Get Single link and get it from our BandCamp, Spotify, Apple Music...they're all there!


Against My Will

I bear the scars of a million miles

I wear the mask of a hundred smiles

And though I try to reconcile

The memory holds me here against my will

Lost to the void of the undefined

The shattered pieces that were left behind

This angry shield that I've refined

Wreaks havoc on my life against me will

Shadows in the void of who I used to be

Wasted years burning them in effigy

Secret passage scribbled on an empty page

Hard words shouted from an opened cage

Break the silence bound to the atrocity

Break the chains that kept me still

I refuse to offer an apology

For what was done against my will

Seeking vengeance stabbing at the anguish

Only leaves you cold and vanquished

The only power you had was what I gave away

I no longer hate against my will

I wear the scars of a million miles

tear off the mask of a hundred smiles

There's nothing left to reconcile

And nothing holds me here against my will...

(lyrics and music © 2019 by Ariel's Attic)

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