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Ariel's Attic
Ariel's Attic

(Photo: Mike Thompson/First Kick at the Cat Productions)

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Origin:  Ottawa, Canada/Sarasota, Florida


Genres:  Metal, Symphonic Metal


Years Active:  2015- Present


Label:  Independent


Website: www.arielsatticmusic.com

Short Bio

Born out of a love for music with grand concepts and ambitious arrangements, Ariel's Attic brings together their various influences into a melting pot of styles that sounds unique yet somehow familiar, with a nod towards bands like Rush, Nightwish, Savatage, and a penchant for the symphonic. The result is a bone crunching, driving metal foundation provided by Mike, Gary and Bob, tempered by Jenn's powerful yet angelic voice. We think you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.


MP3 download links are available to reviewers and labels upon request. 
Email us at arielsatticmusic@gmail.com 

Label: Independent


Management: Ariel's Attic Music | arielsatticmusic@gmail.com


PR: Metal Coffee PR | wesj@metalcoffeepr.com