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Tragic Tales is DONE!
Check it out on our Bandcamp!

Against My Will
This angry shield that I've refined...


Gaze upon the jagged wasteland...

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

They tried to outrace the Witch of November...and lost

Take a trip back to Blackmore Road!

Where the hell did we go wrong...

Check out 'The Show'

This will be on the next album but we've made it available as a single on a few platforms . Just click on the Get Single button and pick your favorite!

Garden of the Gods

Get your copy of our 2017 debut CD today!

Epic in its scope, startling in its complexity, yet driven by its simple power, the album is crowned by the ambitious title track, a metal symphony in three movements that tells a mythical story of the creation, rise, and subsequent downfall of the 'gods', drawing from elements ranging from Greek mythology to science-fiction, We think you're going to like it. A lot. 

Our Hallelujah cover is available as a single on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play! Check your favorite digital music outlet if it isn't listed here...odds are good you'll find the song there too!

Also check out the LINKS page for more music from previous projects involving members of Ariel's Attic!
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