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New Music! Take a trip back to Blackmore Road with us...

We got a little nostalgic with this one. We all have a Blackmore Road somewhere in our past, and when events become overwhelming we all want to run back there. It was home. It was safe. It was sane. Check it out on the Music page!

Blackmore Road (music & lyrics by Ariel's Attic)

I don’t recognize what we’ve become

The ties that bind have all become undone

I wanna go back to Blackmore Road

I’m tired and I wanna go home

I don’t understand how it began

The things we loved are slipping through our hands

So take me back to Blackmore Road

I’m lost and I fear we’re too far-gone

Awaiting the catastrophe

To challenge our morality

We didn’t have to care on Blackmore Road

We didn’t have to fight to disagree

We didn’t have to compromise

For the sake of security

Never felt the need for guarantees

Never had to shroud our thoughts in

In a veil of secrecy

Living in our ignorant bliss

So naïve that we believed

It could never come to this

Awaiting the catastrophe

To challenge our mortality

We didn’t have to fear on Blackmore Road

We danced on moonlit streets

Without the fear of what might be

The things we thought were tragedies

Were mostly make believe

The old café was sold today

Gone with all the plans we made

To rule the world we thought we knew

But now they’re shooting up the schools

Where the hell did we go wrong?

Where the hell do we belong?

We drank Boone’s Farm, Stroh’s, and Jack

But now they’re smoking meth and crack

Awaiting the catastrophe

I long for how we used to be

To find our way back home to Blackmore Road

(c) 2018 by Ariel's Attic. All Rights Reserved.

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