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New Music from the Attic!! Our new song 'The Show' released as a single on Bandcamp

It's time. The new single is ready and waiting for you on our Bandcamp page. Listen to it on our MUSIC page and hit the Get Single link to buy it on Bandcamp!

Welcome to The Show. We are the captive audience. We let this happen. We caused this. Now we have to find a way to fix it. Because it's very, very broken.

THE SHOW (lyrics & music by Ariel's Attic)

Dancing at the masquerade

We laugh, the music fades

Actors in a role we play

We are what we portray

Curtain rises, lights upon the stage

Sell the tale with sound and fury

Messengers as judge and jury

Play to keep the audience engaged

When the choice is verse or vice

We will call it sacrifice

Orchestrating mass confusion

Crafting this corrupt illusion

We lost our fight along the way

We bought our ticket to the show

And now we’ve no place left to go

The stage is set, there’s nothing more to say

Curtain falls, the actors leave the stage

We held our breath at every word

Theatre of the absurd

Violence keeps the audience engaged

Waving flags of hate to fuel the rage

Hangmen waiting in the wings

To hear the news the vultures bring

Quick to hang the monster of the day

The audience are on their feet

Opposing views are obsolete

Vigilante torches light the way

Curtain burns to ashes on the stage

Eye for eye and tooth for tooth

The first to die will be the truth

Scribes arrange the words upon the page

Waving flags of hate to fuel the rage...

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