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September 28, 2019

The good folks over at Metal Coffee PR's The Grinder have a fascinating new guitar-centric series of interviews called The Axemen up on their blog. They caught up with our very own Mike Olson and Gary Campbell recently to talk shop. Check out what they had to say HERE!

The Axemen Series interview with Mike Olson and Gary Campbell of Ariel's Attic

September 26, 2019

Jenn Hailey and Bob Ross were interviewed for Metal Coffee PR's The Grinder blog recently and got to answer some pretty deep questions about music theory, philosophy, cosmology, the intricacies of artificial intelligence and machine learning, They shared the painstaking process they use to come up with lyrics, which involves linking together multiple servers on the dark web, monitoring the traffic of the secretive poets anonymous group. They also discussed bringing dead musicians back to life. 

OK, they didn't really talk about any of that stuff. Well, except for that last part. Get all the juicy details HERE!


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